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Cool Roofing: Saving Energy = Saving Money

Cool roofing are energy efficient roof systems that are covering the Atlanta Georgia metro area one roof at a time, saving building owners energy and money. While it is true that cool roofing is mostly associated with white roofs, they come in a variety of colors and materials and are available for both commercial and residential buildings.

Rusty Roof RestorationCool roofs can reflect the visible ultraviolet and infrared radiation from the sun, reducing heat transfer to the building. In the heat of the full sun, the surface of a black roof can increase in temperature as much as 50°C (90°F), reaching temperatures of 70 to 90°C (158 to 194°F). Since most of the roofs in the world are black, this heat increase can cause negative effects on cooling energy use and environments.

Cool roofs, on the other hand, offer both immediate and long-term benefits. Cool roofs help reduce air pollution, reduce cooling energy load, and greenhouse gas emission, and improved human health and comfort.

You can see the dramatic results of a cool roofing system in the time lapse before and after image above. Cool roof coatings are bright white and reflect up to 90% of the sun's harmful UV rays away from the roof surface. This results in a cooler building and a longer lasting roof! is committed to ensuring that you have the tools you need to make an your next roof purchase an informed decision. In addition to our online network we area also happy to provide the following links to online tools that will help you make your next roof, a cool roof!

DOE Cool Roof Calculator

Roofing Comparison Calculator (RSC)

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